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Method Statements for Construction Companies

As experienced Risk Assessors, we compile Method Statements on behalf of our clients to fulfil requirements of the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015.

A Method Statement would generally accompany any Risk Assessment and would offer detailed descriptions of how tasks should be completed safely and who should be carrying out those tasks.

The method statement would make reference to the risk assessments and should be read in conjunction with these documents.

It is important that all contractors and sub-contractors understand the method statement for each task they are performing. A failure to do so that leads to an accident could well invalidate any insurance claim, leaving an injured party without compensation and a company vulnerable to prosecution.

Pre-tender Health and Safety Plan

Risk Assessment Solutions can fulfil the role of Planning Supervisor in the construction industry and can assist you if you are a developer to formulate and control the Health and Safety requirements. We can liaise with main contractors and inspect and assess their competencies to carry out tasks safely. We monitor and assess their risk assessments and method statements for accuracy and competence and keep the developer fully informed and updated.

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