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Safely Evacuating Care Homes

Stop and think for a moment. Do you have a duty of care for nursing home residents? Are any of those residents immobile or unable to walk unaided? Are any of these residents living on a floor other than a ground floor?  

In the unthinkable event of a fire evacuation emergency, are you and your care home staff certain of how to evacuate a disabled bodied person? Do you know how to move someone safely up or down a staircase?

Risk Assessment Solutions carry out Evacuation Training Courses across the UK. These courses are designed to help each Care Home formulate an evacuation plan for their premises and help each organisation become mobility friendly.

It is important that every nursing home or residence is adequately prepared to assist everyone to safety, regardless of their disability. In some cases Risk Assessment Solutions can help with placing residents in the correct rooms in a home in order to assist an evacuation should one be required.

We train staff how to use sledges and other evacuation equipment to minimise injury and discomfort and maximise health and safety of everyone from staff to patients.

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