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Fire Related Training for a Safer Workplace

Do your management and staff need training in case of a fire related emergency? 

Every week Risk Assessment Solutions delivers bespoke Fire Related Training courses to businesses and services the length and breadth of the UK.

Our expert trainers regularly visit nursing homes, care homes, warehouses, factories, museums, surgeries and offices to name a few to give management and staff training, customised to their place of work, on a range of fire related safety issues.

Our bespoke training sessions are designed and tailored to each location to ensure that every client gets the best service and all training takes place within each clients workplace to maximise understanding of procedures, and where possible we make a site visit in advance of the training to make sure everything is covered.

We train staff on specific fire procedures, fire evacuation, alarm training and more because we always deliver the courses 'on site' in order to allow the staff to fully understand how the training directly applies to their work place. For example we would take staff through an evacuation procedure from an actual room in their place of work and through their corridors to the actual fire exit and to the muster point thus eliminating any potential confusion in an real emergency.

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