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Accident Investigation

Risk Assessment Solutions assist clients with investigation of accidents that occur in their workplace. This may include interviewing witnesses, taking statements and circulating "Lesson Learned" reports to appropriate people.

The Hidden Costs

Many business owners think that their Insurance will take care of all the costs if there is an accident.

Well think again!

Accident costs are like an iceberg, the costs you see are only the tip of the problem! Employer's Liability / Public Liability Insurance will cover you for the payment of damages and legal costs to the injured party if they successfully pursue a civil action against you but what about your costs, and those to your business?

For example cleaning and clearing the accident site, investigation time, overtime working or temporary replacement labour, plant & building damage, product & materials damage, production delays, loss of experience & expertise, tool & equipment damage and of course there's the inevitable paperwork.

Then there may be the legal fees for defending a prosecution and working at height the payment of the fines imposed if you are found guilty. No insurer can pay a fine for you, it is personal to you and you will have to pay!

The biggest cost may be the damage to your reputation!

How much better would it be if we could help you to avoid the accident, risk assessing the hazards and potential consequences, and making the recommendations to help you engineer the solutions?

Our Service

Our impartial and thorough accident investigation service is not intended to apportion blame but will identify responsibility by examining the direct and indirect causes of the accident. We want to help you to avoid a recurrence. 

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Accident Investigation by Risk Assessment Solutions
Accident Investigation by Risk Assessment Solutions

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