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Fire Extinguishers

Fire Extinguisher Servicing

Risk Assessment Solutions Limited offer a full fire extinguisher sales, maintenance and service to many satisfied customers.

Fire extinguishers of all types and sizes can be supplied, if your requirements are not listed below contact us for a ‘no obligation’ quotation.  Delivery is arranged within 3 days, or if required our trained engineers will do the assessment of your requirements and carry out a full fitting of extinguishers, carry out any repairs or replacement of worn parts on any existing extinguishers and certify their safety for use.

Fire Extinguisher. Risk Assessment Solutions, Stafford. Health & Safety Consultants and Fire Risk Assessors

Portable Fire Extinguisher Services

Site Attendance

Basic Service

Discharge (includes O-rings and seals)

CO2 Cartridge Replace

SP Water Extinguisher Re-Charge

SP Foam Extinguisher Re-Charge

Cartridge Foam Extinguisher Re-Charge (excluding CO2 Cartridge)

Cartridge Powder Extinguisher Re-Charge (excluding CO2 Cartridge)

CO2 Extinguisher Re-Charge (cannot be carried out on site)

We only use the best quality British made extinguishers and all flasks are fully lined to protect the contents and the flask against corrosion.

Fire Extinguishers Supplied

6kg ABC Powder stored pressure

9kg ABC Powder stored pressure

Powder Fire Extinguisher

6ltr Water Plus stored pressure

9ltr Water Plus stored pressure

Water Fire Extinguisher

2kg CO2 Alloy

5kg CO2 Alloy

Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguisher

6ltr AFFF Foam stored pressure

9ltr AFFF Foam stored pressure

Foam Fire Extinguisher

Fire Blankets

Fire Blanket

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