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Fire Services

Fire Services - Risk Assessment Solutions

Experienced Fire Risk Assessors can significantly reduce the potential for fire to seriously damage your reputation and finances.

Risk Assessment Solutions Limited offer a full fire extinguisher sales, maintenance and service to many satisfied customers.

Installation of Fire Alarms is a cost effective way of reducing the risk of losses to you business.

Health & Safety

Health & Safety - Risk Assessment Solutions

Ask about our FREE ‘Health and Safety Audit’

This is a health and safety, and fire safety compliance check and report (normally valued at £350). This will take the form of discussion with a Director, walk around the site to observe and take notes, a further discussion and a confidential report on the findings


Training - Risk Assessment Solutions

Training is essential for a competent and productive workforce. It is also a requirement of the Health and Safety at Work Act. Find out more about how training can help you keep on the right side of the law, and more importantly, safe!
We offer a range of courses in:
Fire Training
Fire Evacuation Training
Health and Safety Training
Food Hygiene Awareness

Health & Safety News

Keeping you up to date with the latest news from Risk Assessment Solutions

Method Statements for Construction Companies As experienced Risk Assessors, we compile Method Statements on behalf of our clients to fulfil requirements of the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015. A Method Statement would generally accompany any Risk Assessment and would offer detailed descriptions of how tasks should be completed safely…

  • Look after your home workers As an employer with display screen users, you have a duty of care to assess the risks not just of your office based staff but also any of your staff who work from home. With so many employees now working at home and often sat…

  • Do you know the difference between fire extinguishers? An outbreak of fire is always unexpected. If a fire was to breakout on your premises right now would you or your staff instinctively know which extinguisher to use? Which extinguisher do you use on a carbonaceous material and which extinguisher would…

  • Safely Evacuating Care Homes Stop and think for a moment. Do you have a duty of care for nursing home residents? Are any of those residents immobile or unable to walk unaided? Are any of these residents living on a floor other than a ground floor?   In the unthinkable event…

  • Confined Space Regulations Are any of your employees working in an enclosed environment? Have the risks to their health, safety and wellbeing been reasonably assessed? Confined Space Regulations are there to help you stay within the law and protect your workers safety whilst in that enclosed space. Confined Space Regulations…

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Fire Evacuation Training & Sledges

We Now Sell Evacuation Sledges with Training

We now sell Evacuation Sledges along with full Fire Evacuation Training for Care Homes, Residential and Commercial properties.

A few thoughts worth listening to...

 You will be at risk if you not up to date on the legal requirements placed on employers to safeguard their employees.

Insurers expect their clients to have a comprehensive Health and Safety Policy in place and will regularly seek both written and practical evidence that these matters are dealt with effectively.

Indeed they may be offering you a discount on your premium for a having Risk Assessments in place, or worse, excesses for not having them!

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